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Wine and beer good for you – in small amounts

Wine and beer good for you – in small amounts

copyright anthonycz

copyright anthonycz

Wine, beer and spirits have got the thumbs up from the medical profession but only “a little a day”.

Alcohol “does more good than harm for your heart when consumed in moderation” says Imre Janszky, professor of social medicine at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

It doesn’t even matter what kind of tipple you favour.

“It’s primarily the alcohol that leads to more good cholesterol, among other things. But alcohol can also cause higher blood pressure. So it’s best to drink moderate amounts relatively often,” he says.

Two research projects have shown that people who drink regularly have better heart health than those who consume little or no alcohol.

The studies found that those who drank three to five drinks a week were 33pc less prone to heart failure than non-drinkers.

In the case of heart attacks, the risk appeared to be reduced by 28pc with each additional one-drink.

The more often participants consumed alcohol within normal amounts, the lower their risk of heart failure turned out to be.

Those who drank five or more times a month had a 21 per cent lower risk compared to non-drinkers and those who drank little, while those who drank between one and five times a month had a two per cent lower risk.

“I’m not encouraging people to drink alcohol all the time. We’ve only been studying the heart, and it’s important to emphasize that a little alcohol every day can be healthy for the heart. But that doesn’t mean it’s necessary to drink alcohol every day to have a healthy heart,” says Janszky.

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