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Tips for fear triggered by COVID19

Tips for fear triggered by COVID19

Fear of COVID19 is growing even faster that the spread of the infection itself.

The HSE website is the first place to get advice on avoiding the infection and stopping the spread of the virus.   Go to www.hse.ie.

If you are taking all the practical steps recommended by the HSE and the fear is still overwhelming, the following tips may help.

Oasis of calm

Why not create an oasis of calm around your home, especially in the evenings,  with essential oils and scented candles.

You can put the oils in a diffuser and disperse them or even in a spray bottle with a little water and spray the mist around your home.

Lavender Essential Oil  has long associations with relaxation and better sleep.  Put some drops of the soothing scent on your pillow or put a few drops in the bath to calm your anxiety.

Sandalwood is another essential oil which can help ease anxiety.  It is a good oil to put in the diffuser or the spray bottle to allow the scent spread through your home.

Vanilla also has a long history of use for relaxation and stress.  Burn a vanilla scented candle in your room to create a calming atmosphere.

Flower essences

If the fear is beginning to get a firm grip Rescue Remedy made from Bach Flower Essences can help. It  can be bought online or  in your local healthfood shop.

Flower Essence practitioner Seamus Murphy has created a flower remedy combination called “Fearless” which may help dampen down your panic.  You can get bottle of this combination directly from Seamus by sending an email to:

[email protected]


Homeopaths can help with the fear too.  Find your local homeopath on the website of the Irish Society of Homeopaths at www.irishhomeopathy.ie

Many homeopaths will work over the phone or online through Skye and Zoom at this time so you don’t even have to leave your home for a consultation.

Immune system

Keeping your immune system working efficiently is another way to help yourself.  Take Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, fish oils and flaxseed oil.

Medical Herbalist Christine Best has a Flu Formula which, she says “should  work to keep up immunity in general.”

In addition she has a Cough Syrup which can be taken alongside the Flu Formula if necessary.

Contact Christine at: [email protected]

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