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Tips for curbing adrenalin spikes from Homeopath Miranda Castro

Tips for curbing adrenalin spikes from Homeopath Miranda Castro

If you are an adrenalin junkie who fuels your life with caffeine, skipped meals and binge eating to catch up, you may be helped by some tips from internationally acclaimed homeopath Miranda Castro.

On a recent visit to Dublin she outlined a plan to help adrenalin junkies bring the body back to stability, improve sleep, weight management and energy levels.

Energy from food

Miranda points out that since your body gets its energy from food, a poorly managed diet and adrenalin spikes will ultimately lead to bad health, weight gain and slower metabolism.

“The stimulation of adrenalin on a habitual, daily basis is a recipe for disaster, causing a wide range of physical symptoms from palpitations and anxiety to chronic fatigue.

“Its like accelerating very fast and then doing an emergency stop.  The pancreas and adrenal glands become tired and sluggish as result,  which is when diabetes  – a by and large and avoidable disease –  is diagnosed.”


The Homeopath likened the body’s metabolism to a campfire which must be given constant fuel in order not to burn out.

The campfire, she explained,  needs a structure with both big and small logs to keep it burning efficiently.

Similarly the body needs balanced meals at regular intervals throughout the day to maintain its energy.

Proteins are like the structure for the fire.  They are the building blocks for every single cell in the body.

Fats are the big fire logs that are long burning. They help stabilize blood sugar and tell your brain when you are satisfied.

Carbohydrates are quick burning like paper, leaves and twigs.  They give lots of energy quickly like a “roaring fire.”

If you eat nothing but carbohydrates its like throwing a pile of dead leaves and paper on the fire which give a huge blaze and then die out almost immediately.

Eat every three hours

If you have had a pattern of adrenalin spikes over a long period Miranda  recommends stabilising the body by initially eating every three hours – small meals, all containing fat, protein and carbohydrates.

This pattern should continue for at least a week but if your body is seriously depleted you need to do it for a month.  After that you gradually stretch the gap between meals to three and a half or four hours.

Eat a wide range of foods with lots of “fresh stuff” and as little processed or bad fats as possible.  Also keep sugars down.

“Remember you can eat 30-50pc more food by weight/calories and lose weight as long as you keep your camp fire burning.  Shift more of your food to earlier in the day and cut your evening meal by 30-50pc.

You must also exercise EVERY DAY to speed up your metabolism. “three times a week is simply not enough”.

For more on Miranda’s Food Management Guidelines see her website



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