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Tiny pink flower brings hope

Tiny pink flower brings hope

A rare tiny pink flower, whose seeds can lie dormant for decades, is bringing its gifts to the challenges of Covid lockdown.

Pink Flannel Flower, which was last seen 17 years ago,  is blossoming in large clusters in isolated areas of the Blue Mountains of Australia.

Before that it had not been seen for about 40 years.

A flower essence made from the blossoms is used to lift spirits and to help people appreciate what they have in life.

Ian White

Ian White, founder of Australian Bush Flower Essences, who first made the essence in 2004 says the essence is “all about heart energy”.

When life is dull and flat and “joie de vivre” is completely missing, Pink Flannel Flower essence helps people to “take delight and pleasure in the details and little things in life, to see and be aware of the blessings in every moment”.

The essence is indicated when someone is unhappy and feels that life is completely lack-lustre.

It brings a lightness, gratitude and an open-hearted appreciation of everything around you, he explains.

Ian, a fifth generation herbalist,  says a smoke chemical from the devastating Australian bush fires last year seemed to act as a catalyst for the dormant seeds of the tiny flower, which rain then helped to germanate.


The 1cm flower, which looks a bit like a daisy,  is now growing on the bushfire-destroyed slopes of the Blue Mountains near Katoomba in New South Wales.

Australian Geographic says the flowers are so rare that many bushwalkers have never seen them.

The seeds can lay dormant for years on ending waiting for a special confluence of the right events to flower.

It explains that the latin name for the flower means “bearing rays” and this  “sums up what pink flannel flowers bring their ravage country – a ray of hope and renewal.”

Details of the Australian Bush Flower essence made from Pink Flannel Flower can be found at


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