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Three handy remedies for bruises, shock and grief

Three handy remedies for bruises, shock and grief

Homeopathy works and at times it can be  simple.

Everyone can use it at home for the cuts and bruises, colds and digestive upsets of everyday life.  It even helps with emotional states like shock, anxiety, fear and  grief.

Complex and chronic conditions require professional help but there is so much to be gained by using homeopathy for the much smaller upsets – conditions where you might normally take an over the counter medicine.

Homeopathy is powerful, non-toxic and suitable for all age groups so what have you to lose by trying it out.

You could start with three basic remedies to keep in your medicine cabinet.


Arnica – for bruises and physical shock

Many people have already heard of Arnica and use the cream for bruises.

Did you know homeopathic Arnica pills can also help with any kind of sore, bruised feeling, physical shock from a trauma and also for jet lag?

Reach for Arnica first for small accidents, bruising, black eyes or the physical shock that often comes with a trauma to the body.

It can be used for the sore bruised feeling after a dental extraction or surgery.

The person in a typical Arnica state often insists they are absolutely fine and don’t need any help, which is part of the physical shock they may be suffering.

For jetlag take one dose immediately before, during and after a long flight.

It is important to mention here that you should never use Arnica cream on an open wound as it may cause a rash.  Use Calendula cream – made from marigold flowers – instead.


Aconite – for fright, panic and sudden cold

This is a great remedy for mental shock, fright and panic. Think of the fear and panic you would feel if you suddenly came face to face with a tiger.

It is also good at the first sign of a cold, which comes on from the chill of a dry cold wind.

Everything about Aconite is sudden and intense.

The fright or anxiety is immediate.  The person is restless, panicked and can be afraid they will die.

The cold also comes on suddenly, caused by the chill from the wind.  Aconite is only good if you catch the cold at the very beginning.  If the condition gets a grip you will need another remedy.


Ignatia – for grief and emotional upset

Think of Ignatia if you can’t stop sighing and crying after an emotional upset.

It is helpful after bereavement, acute loss, even a relationship break-up where grief with disappointment is the over-riding emotion.

The person needing Ignatia may have a lump in their throat.  The sadness can be expressed in deep sobs.

It is a useful remedy to have at funerals where a mourner is overcome by grief.


Taking the remedy (30c strength)

All of the remedies mentioned here are of 30c potency or strength – a typical strength of remedies sold over the counter in health food stores or in remedy kits.

Once you have identified the remedy you need you also need to know how often to take it.

In an emergency take a pill every 10-15 minutes until the person stabilizes – up to six doses.

In acute situation you can take a pill every two hours up to six doses.

In less acute conditions take a pill three times a day up to seven days.


In all cases if symptoms persist or worsen you need to consult a healthcare professional.


Our book Reach for a Remedy can guide you to the best remedies for a whole variety of minor conditions.

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