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Most Popular Irish Therapies

Most Popular Irish Therapies

Massage and acupuncture top the league of popular complementary and alternative therapies in this country.  Reiki is also used more widely in Ireland.

A study in the Irish Medical Journal of 23 alternative therapies used by patients attending doctors in a Dublin GP practice showed that 39pc of people had used massage and 37pc had used acupuncture in the previous 12 months.

The findings were largely in line with trends in the UK, USA , Canada and Australia with one exception.

Mind body energy therapy Reiki is more popular in Ireland than in the other countries.

“This highlights the western trend of acceptance of new emerging therapies for which there is often insufficient evidence for any benefit” says the study.

The study found:


The Top Therapies

  1. Massage therapy – 39.3pc
  2. Acupuncture – 37.1pc
  3. Aromatherapy – 18.2pc
  4. Reiki – 18pc
  5. Reflexology – 16.9pc
  6. Chiropractic – 15.7pc
  7. Herbalism – 14.6pc
  8. Traditional Chinese Medicine – 11.1pc
  9. Homeopathy – 10.1pc
  10. Spiritual healing 5.6pc
  11. Osteopathy – 4.5pc
  12. Ayurvedic Medicine – 4.5pc
  13. Shiatsu – 3.4pc
  14. Nutritional therapy – 3.4pc
  15. Transcendental Meditation – 2.2pc
  16. Kinesiology – 2.2pc
  17. Hypnotherapy – 1.1pc
  18. Crystal therapy – 1.1pc

Alexander Technique and Dowsing had not been used by any of those surveyed.

Other therapies, which included magnetic therapy and hyperbaric therapy accounted for 4.5pc.

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