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The healthy holiday travel kit

The healthy holiday travel kit

Luggage space is at a premium when it comes to holidays but a few simple remedies can make all the difference to healthy travelling.

See our checklist.

Accidents   –  Arnica – this is the number one remedy for any accident causing physical or mental trauma.  Excellent for bruises, to reduce swelling or even jetlag.

Rescue Remedy – this can be used for every emergency and to get through any stressful situation.

Dehydration  – China the top remedy for recovery from dehydration where the person feels very weak.

Food poisoning and diarrhoea – Arsenicum think of this remedy for food poisoning, particularly meat.  The person will be chilly with burning diarrhoea and vomiting, thirsty and restless and worse at night.

Hangover – Nux Vomica – essential for hangovers or the consequences of overindulging in food or drink.  Vitamin C also helps speed up the release of alcohol from the body.

Sunburn or any burn – Sol – this is for sunburn where the person burns easily, is worse for cold and better for heat and desires juicy, salty food.

Cantharis – sunburn with raw smarting relieved by cold applications. Also good for blistering.

Travel sickness – Tabacum – travel sickness from the least motion. Feels cold, clammy with nausea, relieved by cold fresh air.

Essential oils – Lavender – a few drops on the pillow to help sleep; in the bath to relieve stress and aching muscles, for relaxation and it can be applied to burns but serious burns must be seen by a doctor.

Tea-Tree – for any situation requiring an anti-septic.


In the case of homeopathic remedies take one dose of 6c or 30c.  If you feel better there is no need to repeat the dose unless the symptoms return.

Obviously in the case of any serious illness seek the attention of a medical professional.



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