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Spiritual Intuitive Energy Healing – Trisha Moloney

Spiritual Intuitive Energy Healing – Trisha Moloney

Trisha MoloneyThe sensation of two Angels jolting her across her bed was the turning point for Trisha Moloney.

Trisha’s quality of life had been affected by severe headaches brought on by a car crash 10 years previously.

Her doctor had just told her that surgery was the next step with the chance this could leave her in a wheelchair.

“It left me pretty devastated”, she admits.

Trisha had been able to see Spirit from a young age and was gradually beginning to use her gift to heal people when the headaches started.

When told she would need surgery, she went home from the doctor “feeling sorry for myself to be honest. Then I did a meditation and asked the angels directly for help.

“I told them I know there is a plan for me and if I have to go from Kerry to Dublin for surgery its messing everything up. I remember being quite cross. I don’t know how they listened to me,” she laughs.

She fell asleep but “I woke about about 1am and I was aware of two angels above my head. They hovered close to my head and then I felt myself moved from one side of the bed to the other with a jolt.

“It felt like the force of the car accident. It was such a shock, then they put me back into a calm sleep.

“When I got up the next morning I felt straighter. I felt totally different. I put my hand to my neck. Before you could feel it physically out of place, painful and sore. That was gone”.

The improvement was confirmed by MRI scan and she did not need surgery.

Trisha decided at that point to make energy healing her full time work.


She explains that as a young child she was quite aware of spirit around her.

During her teens she knew she ”had this ability to know things that were going to happen but I kind of assumed everyone had it”.

It was only around the age of 25 that she began to realise she could “feel people’s emotions when they were talking to me”.

Now she practises Intuitive Energy Healing where she chanels healing energy and information for clients.

When she left school, Trisha trained and worked as a dental nurse but began to feel “there was more to it than seeing people coming into the dental surgery.

“I was talking to them, taking away their fear but if someone was talking to me I would feel their all of their emotions.

“I started meeting other healers around the country and they said to me you’ve got to bring your gift forward, nurture it, you need to focus on this path.”


Trisha sees people for one to one sessions in Tralee, Killarney, Caherciveen and all over Kerry and Limerick. She is also planning to give group talks around the country and run teaching courses.

A session takes about an hour with the client lying fully dressed, without shoes, on a treatment table and covered by a blanket.

“I explain a little bit to them and then for the first 20 minutes work on their head, heart and throat area and then the gallbladder, liver, spleen and kidney area.

“I will say whatever comes up. I tell them anything I say is just chanelled, not my own opinion. I make sure that the person is not ovewhelmed. The session is uniquely tailored to the individual.

“Anything could come into it. You can’t really say where its going to go. Its very different with each one.”

Trisha sees all age groups and “no problem is too big for me to deal with”.

She stresses that booking is essential as her appointments fill up quite rapidly.

Trisha can be contacted on Tel: 085-1625095 and one hour sessions cost €65.

See also: https://irishhealing.ie/healing/find-a-therapist/10145/spiritual-intuitive-energy-healer/

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