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Repel garden pests with homeopathy

Repel garden pests with homeopathy

Aphids cleared from an Apple tree sapling using Homeopathy

Learn how to repel slugs, beetles and garden pests in a safe, effective, non-toxic way using homeopathic remedies.

The Irish Society of Homeopaths is running a practical workshop to explore the theory and practice of Homeopathy for the Garden with homeopath and environmentalist Mark O’Sullivan.

The day long workshop on October 6th 2012 will also teach gardeners how to heal fungal and bacterial diseases, balance nutrient excesses and deficiencies and help damaged or traumatised plants and soils.

Participants will also learn how to prepare and apply Homeopathic remedies.

The workshop takes place in the Heritage Community Garden in Donnybrook in Dublin which is allowing participants to treat plants as part of the learning process.

Mark holds a certificate in Permaculture design and has long been interested in the environment and sustainability.  He has been using Homeopathy for the garden since 2007 and now holds workshops all over the country on Agrohomeopathy including the Organic Centre in Leitrim.

He addressed this year’s recent “Grow it Yourself” Network’s annual gathering on the subject.

Anyone who wants to attend the workshop can book online through the Irish Society of Homeopaths on 01 – 816 8830 or at [email protected]






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