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Ready made baby food lacks enough nutrients

Ready made baby food lacks enough nutrients

Jars of  ready made baby food may contain less that a fifth of the recommended daily supply of calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and other minerals.

Eight different sample jars of four popular brands taken from the shelves of leading supermarkets  showed that babies would not be getting enough nutrition from the food.

The researchers looked at the micro nutrient content of four meat and four vegetable varieties of baby food, one with pasta.

It showed that infants given one meat and one vegetable jar on top of 600ml of formula milk would not be getting enough calcium, magnesium, copper and selenium.

On average the levels were 20pc below the recommended daily supply.

The study carried out in the UK at the University of Greenwich School of Science  showed the need to improve the nutritional value of some of the foods.

“It is so important that babies are weaned from six months onwards with a health balance of complementary foods and breast milk or follow-on formula at time when breast feeding is not possible” said Nutrition specialist Dr Nazanin Zand who conducted the research.

“Our investigations showed that there was a need to improve the nutritional value of some complementary baby feeds. In addition, the regulations governing them need to be tighter and more robust.”??The report was published in Food Chemistry Journal.

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