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Reach for a Remedy translated to German

Reach for a Remedy translated to German

Reach for a Remedy – our book which makes it easy for anyone to use Homeopathy at home – is now available in German too.

The German title is:  Schnelle Hilfe mit Homoopathie.  It has just been published by the German company Narayana-verlag

The book is aimed at people who know nothing, very little or a bit about homeopathy and want to prescribe at home for First Aid and minor ailments.

It is written by two homeopaths – Clodagh Sheehy, who is the owner and editor of irishhealing.ie,  and Svetlana Pavlova Heywood Jones.

The book offers help for everything from colds and flu to dental or digestive problems, earaches, fevers, eye inflammations and sleep.

There are special sections for pregnancy and birth and also for women’s conditions, childhood  and teenagae ailments and conditions specific to men.

The book will guide you to remedies for sports injuries, travel conditions like dehydration or food poisoning, hangovers, sore throats  or hay fever.

It is simple to navigate and will warn you if the condition is something which cannot be treated at home and needs professional help.

The aim is to make people comfortable and confident using homeopathy at home for everyday minor conditions.

The German version – like the English one – is available from Narayana-verlag.com and also from Amazon and Book Depository along with the Irish book company Kennys.ie

For more detail check this website at https://irishhealing.ie/healing/reach-for-a-remedy-making-homeopathy-easy/

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