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Lomi Lomi Nui Kahuna Bodywork – Eva Lennox

Lomi Lomi Nui Kahuna Bodywork – Eva Lennox

Eva Lennox

The ancient Hawaiian practice of Lomi Lomi Nui massage.

Her mother’s cancer treatment pushed Eva Lennox’s life in a whole new direction towards alternative medicine.

It ultimately led her to study the ancient practice of Lomi Lomi Nui in Hawaii which she now practises in Dublin.

Eva had been working as an Estate Agent but felt she had “no purpose and no connection”.

When her mother was undergoing chemotherapy, she says: “I actually became a bit angry at what I saw and at the advice being given to the cancer patients. I found it so counter-intuitive in terms of wellness”.

The experience made Eva, who is originally from Wicklow, “read up a lot about natural and alternative treatments to support my mother’s care”.

At the time she was waitressing and planning to go to college to study event management. Instead, without telling her parents, she “secretly” enrolled in a two year Holistic course in Dunlaoghaire but gained her parents’ support when her mother declared “I’ve never seen you so happy”.

Eva was so enthusiastic about the course she took on extra modules at the same time and studied Massage, Indian Head Massage, Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology, Reiki and Acupressure.


“I was like a sponge trying to soak it all up. Things were opening up in me and I felt so much more centred and balanced.”

When she finished the course she set up her own massage practice and also worked in a Corporate Massage business.

A friend took a course in Lomi Lomi Nui and Eva said she noticed “her whole way of moving her body had changed. Her movement seemed really fluid”.

Eva signed up for the Lomi Lomi course herself and immediately “I felt like I had a big connection. I felt like ‘this makes sense’. The energy, movement and music just felt so familiar to me.”

She completed the three levels of training but wanted “to go deeper”.


Lomi Lomi Nui practitioner Jody Mountain came from Maui to Ireland to give a workshop and Eva signed up. “I was blown away” by the experience, she admits.

She travelled to Maui last February for seven weeks training with Jody and returned in September to spend four months as an apprentice with Jody working every day.

This week she is going to Maui again but will be back in Dublin by mid-April to continue taking clients in her Dublin practice.

Not regular massage

Eva explains that Lomi Lomi Nui “is not regular massage. Its like a transformational modality done through massage. It works on all levels, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and ancestral.

“The intention is not to fix, its more about holding space so all the needs of the person are met on all levels.”

The practitioner uses breath techniques, movement and music and the massage is done with forearms.

“The movement, based on the infinity symbol, is applied to the body with really long continuous strokes, up, down, over, across and under the body” says Eva.

“The tempo, depth and rhythm of the strokes can vary depending on the person’s need.”

The person lies unclothed on the massage table, with a cover on their pelvic area.

Eva says some people have a very loving experience. In others the massage works to release emotions.

Music is important to the whole experience and is played louder than for a normal massage to “access things on a cellular level”.

She advises people to “leave all your expectations at the door” when coming for a treatment which usually takes two to three hours.


Lomi Lomi Nui was used in ancient times in Hawaii but forced underground when the Americans took over the islands in the 1800’s.

Kahu Abraham Kawaii was one of two people responsible for the resurgence of the practice and brought a lot of the ancient healing knowledge back into public awareness.

Jody Mountain studied under him. Kahu Abraham Kawaii has since passed away but Jody is dedicated to maintaining the lineage of his work.

Contact: You can contact Eva at [email protected] or phone: 087-6807457.

Fee: The fee for a three hour treatment is €230.

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Retreat: Jody Mountain is coming to Ireland to give two retreats in June 2016.

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