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Find help for your sleep disorder

Find help for your sleep disorder

Sleep problems are the second commonest reason why people seek health from their doctor.

The difficulties range from getting asleep and  staying asleep to slumbering at the appropriate time.

Chronic insomnia can affect your quality of life almost as badly as clinical depression or heart disease.

If you can’t get enough shut-eye at night you are more prone to excessive daytime sleepiness which in turn makes you more likely to be irritable but also more prone to accidents.

The tuck.com website has a wealth of information on how sleep disorders develop and the way this affects your day to day life.

From night terrors to night-time leg cramps and even sleepwalking, Tuck will explain why it happens and offer suggestions on what you might do.

The website has lots of tips on sleep hygiene, breaking bad sleep habits and non-drug therapies to help overcome this debilitating problem.

Tuck was set up to improve people’s sleep and overall health and wellness through awareness and through providing free resources for those searching for answers to their sleep difficulties.

You can learn about your biological clock rhythms (circadian rhythms), how light affects your dreamtime and the affects of temperature and noise at bedtime.

There is information about the health benefits of short naps, about how much sleep a person needs and the links between insomnia and stress.

Did you know that chronic shortage of sleep can increase your appetite and cause you to increase your body fat?

You can find out more about light therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy or hypnosis to help you get a good night’s rest.

There is even a section on the best type of mattress and the most suitable mattress for your particular sleep position.

Check out the Tuck website at http://www.tuck.com

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