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The Master Herbalist

The Master Herbalist

The Master Herbalist
Business Name: The Master Herbalist
Business Genre: ,
Short Business Description: Our mission is to provide our clients with the most competent health care Herbal Medicine has to offer, complete with comprehensive assessment and treatment that is specific and tailored to each individual client. We aim to help and educate our clients reach their optimal health and achieve balance and wellness in their life through the use of Herbal Medicine, Vitalistic Nutrition, Natural Healing Protocols and Lifestyle Changes”
Long Business Description:

In the clinic we follow the traditions of the Master Herbalist. These traditions are based on the life and works of world renowned Master Herbalist, Dr. John Ray Christopher. Dr. Christopher’s commonsense approach to natural health is based on three vital processes: Cleanse, Nourish and Heal.

Cleansing is the first & most important stage of restoring a healthy body. Cleansing eliminates the unwanted mucus out of the organs which can lead to premature aging, allergies, and contributes to diseases and illness in general. Secondly nourishment from living, nutritious, foods support the natural body’s function by balancing everything from balancing the ph. of an acidic body to restoring the natural glow of the largest organ of the body — the skin.

Lastly Healing occurs naturally, sometimes quickly & sometimes slowly as the body continues to eliminate impurities and strengthen through proper nourishment. One of the signs of healing comes with periodic aches & pains in the areas where the cleaning action is most acute. This is often described as a healing crisis. Patience is required as the body cycles through these three phases.

Herbs can be used to treat a wide range of disorders, including:

High blood pressure
Hormonal imbalances, such as premenstrual tension
Poor blood circulation
Skin problems, such as eczema.
And many more.

Business Website Address: http://www.themasterherbalist.ie
Business Phone Number: 085-2157479

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Listing Title: The Master Herbalist