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Iris Natural Therapist

Iris Natural Therapist

Iris Natural Therapist
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Iris Natural Therapist
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Naturopath, Herbalist, Iridologist, Australian Bush Flower Practitioner, Bach Flowers, Aromatherapy
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Sandra O’Connell (ND) studied Natural Medicine with the Australian College of Natural Medicine and completed her studies with a Diploma of Applied Science – Naturopathy and a Practitioner of Herbal Medicine. She also completed a Nutrition, Flower Essences, Kinesiology – Touch for health, Mineral Therapy and Iridology Certificate as part of her studies in 1995. With over 15 years clinical experience, in treating people with various health issues: Digestive disorders, Fertility, High Cholesterol, Immunity, Insomnia & Fatigue to name a few.
Sandra was fascinated with iridology when she was studying at College, while learning about the Diagnostic tool, she was using family members to practice on. When one day looking at her sisters eyes, detected an unusual marking, laughed it off, and thought it was all hocus pocus, until 7 years later, the reading was confirmed, my sister suffered an aneurysm. We are grateful to this day for all the doctors and surgeons that worked on her, and she is alive to tell her story of the incredible journey she had. Sandra went on to study more of this incredible tool and uses it in her practice everyday, with incredible results and information from peoples eyes.
Sandra worked with a vitamin company – Natures Own as a Naturopath and travelled around Australia and overseas, Fiji, Vanuatu, Hong Kong & Dubai conducting introductory Iridology consultations and presented seminars on various health topics. She gained great experience in the field of Iridology during these consultations, as some days were filled with 100 people in the one day! Gaining great exposure and a great interested, she went on the do more studies and learning in the field of Iridology. She completed a course in Physical, Emotional and Essential Iridology
Viewing over 20 000 eyes in the last 15 years she has gained incredible experience in the field of Iridology.

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