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Engaged Mindfulness – Dublin

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22 Feb

Engaged Mindfulness – Dublin

February 22 - February 23
Engaged Mindfulness weekend with the Sanctuary.
Course Description: In our mindfulness practice, we come back time and again to our motivation for practising: for the deepest well-being of ourselves and others. And our well-being is inextricably linked with the larger world around us. The ‘state of the world’ is something that might be tempting to turn away from as being too big and overwhelming, too dire to really look at – but what is mindfulness if not turning towards the places that scare us? We do this internally in our practice whenever something comes up that is uncomfortable, and we can do the same with what’s uncomfortable and scary out there in the world – whether it’s social injustice and inequality, the climate crisis, animal welfare, depletion of resources or the fast rate with which species are going extinct and ecosystems are lost. And from a place of interconnectedness and care, how might we engage in mindful action?
In this weekend we will move through the stages of the spiral of the Work that Reconnects, which was brought into the world by Buddhist scholar and environmental activist Joanna Macy. This begins by resourcing and nourishing ourselves with gratitude, before turning towards what concerns us in the world, and then looking for a new perspective from which we can mindfully and practically go forth.
Each of the stages will be explored through a rich variety of ‘inner’ mindfulness practices, some of which draw inspiration from the somatic meditation of Reggie Ray with an emphasis on connecting with a felt-sense of earth connection. As we weave our way through Joanna Macy’s spiral, we’ll discover how meditating with the earth can deepen each stage. We’ll experience how the earth is an ever-present resource for us that will share the holding of our pain for the world and help us deeply experience our radical interconnectness with all life. These meditations are enriched by interactive practices in pairs or small groups, which offer a dynamic and often surprising way to relate to what we’re sitting with. In this way we will turn towards engaging in the socially engaged ‘outer practice’ of mindfulness.
Who is this for:The weekend is open to anyone who has experience in mindfulness (or has another regular meditation practice). It is not an introduction course but seeks to apply existing mindfulness skills to a wider context. 

For more information: http://www.sanctuary.ie

Event Details

Date: February 22 - February 23
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