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EFT – Clodagh O’Mara

EFT – Clodagh O’Mara

Phobias and anxiety respond particularly well to a treatment which is gaining popularity in this country called EFT – Emotional, Freedom Technique.

Clodagh O’Mara was astounded when it cured a bad bought of depression overnight.

A short time later she gashed her head on the steel corner of a cupboard and once again was surprised when EFT brought the pain quickly under control and stopped the bleeding.

Already a homeopath, she decided to investigate EFT further and is now one of just two advanced EFT practitioners in the country.

Light Tapping

EFT is a form of acupressure that uses light tapping instead of needles to stimulated traditional Chinese acupuncture points.

Clodagh was introduced to the technique by a friend during a visit to Africa. “I came down with Malaria and my recovery took six months to a year. I was feeling really down, – a ‘woe is me’ kind of story.

“I had EFT videos and one day I started to tap along with the video. The next day I realized my depression had gone.

“Then when I hit my head off the steel edge of a cupboard I immediately tapped on the energy meridian points and in less than a minute I could feel the lump go down and the pain and the bleeding stopped. “I thought my goodness what’s this”.


Clodagh decided to do a course with Gary Craig – the founder of EFT. “It just resonated with me. All negative emotion is draining to the body energy system. When we work with this our symptoms naturally dissolve.”

She then began to incorporate EFT into her homeopathic practice offering people a choice.

Fears, phobias and panic

The former Environmental Manager says fears and phobias respond particularly well to EFT which she also uses to treat panic attacks, weight issues and addictions.

“Its about working with our limited beliefs. If you have a fear of dogs since a time you were bitten, you will react every time you see a dog. Your reaction at the time was very valid but you keep re-enacting it.” Clodagh uses EFT to break that pattern.

What she likes about the technique is that “there’s no waiting for results. That’s the great beauty of it. You get results hopefully within minutes.”

She points out that EFT works on all levels and is equally helpful for people with chronic, on-going pain from an injury, someone who has had a stroke or suffers from M.E.


Clodagh O’Mara practises EFT and Homeopathy at the Le Cheile Healing Centre in Newcastle, Co Wicklow and at the Spring Hill Clinic in Kilkenny.


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