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Combining complementary and orthodox treatments in cancer care

Combining complementary and orthodox treatments in cancer care

Patricia Daly Nutritional Therapist

Empower yourself by learning more about cancer at one of two workshops on integrated cancer care being held in Dublin.

The workshops will deal with the safe integration of complementary and orthodox approaches to cancer and are being organized by Cancer Options Ireland.

The first workshop is open to the public and the second open only to health practitioners.

The public workshop will give an update on cancer research for integrative programmes and deal with the benefits of building such a programme.

It will also offer physical strategies for cancer treatment like nutrition, supplements, immune support, detoxification and oxygenation.

Dealing with stress through psychological strategies is part of the event.

The second event is a practical workshop for health practitioners covering all aspects of integrative care and working with clients.

Those taking part will get an update on research for integrative programmes and strategies for such approaches including natural anti-cancer compounds, hyperthermia/oxygen therapy and CAM therapies internationally.

Nutrition and evaluating effectiveness will also be discussed.

Patricia Peat Cancer Options UK

The two events are  being facilitated by Patricia Peat and Patricia Daly of Cancer Options Ireland.

Patricia Peat is a medical adviser to the Yes To Life Charity in the UK and the Integrated Healthcare Trust.  She is patron of the Cancer Active Charity.

Patricia Daly is a committee member of the Nutritional Therapists of Ireland – the professional body representing Nutritional Therapist in Ireland.

The workshops are being held at the ANU Centre, 11 Herbert Place, Dublin 2 on June 23rd 2013.

Full details for contacting the organizers and the cost are included in the Events Calendar of this website.

Click here:  https://irishhealing.ie/healing/events/2013-06/

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