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Australian Bush Flower Essences – Seamus Murphy

Australian Bush Flower Essences – Seamus Murphy

Australian Aboriginals have used flowers for emotional balance for thousands of years.

Australian naturopath Ian White, a fifth generation herbalist, drew on this ancient practice to develop his range of Bush Flower Essences using plants from all over Australia.

Dundalk man Seamus Murphy has returned to Ireland from a year studying and working directly with Ian White just outside Sydney at the Bush Flower Essences headquarters.

“I went on bush walks with Ian to see the plants in their native habitat and I was there long enough to see them through all the different seasons” says Seamus.

“The whole experience deepened my understanding of the plants”.

He explains that flower essences are “medicine for the emotions. They work on the mind, soul and spirit, but they are not therapeutic drugs.”

The healing vibrational quality is taken from the flowers of the plant to make up remedies “which work on the emotions to heal negative belief patterns held in the subconscious”.

There are 66 single essences and a range of combinational essences in the Bush Flower Essence series. The single essences can be used alone or in combination.


Suited to modern age

Seamus believes the Australian Bush Flower Essences are “uniquely suited to this modern age. They can address many of the emotionally challenging issues of today – issues like spirituality, sexuality and the fallout from the dip in the global economy”.

The Dundalk man’s passion now is to bring a greater awareness of the essences to Ireland and to train new practitioners.

Seamus is the only person in Ireland or Europe to reach such a high level of training in the use of the essences and he is rolling out a series of workshops around Ireland aimed at everyone from complete novices to advanced practitioners.

The therapist, who incorporates the flower essences, Reiki and coaching into his practice, says he was first drawn to the Bush Flower essences 16 years ago.

He was already familiar with flower essence therapy and its underlying philosophy as he had been treating patients with Bach Flower essences for the previous 12 years.

A lecture on the Australian Bush Flower Essences changed his career path.

“I was impressed. Everything felt very foreign and yet familiar at the same time. I had to know more. “

During a visit to Ireland, Ian White invited Seamus to Australia to take part in the work at the Bush Flower headquarters at Terrey Hills just outside Sydney.

Seamus stresses that the Australian Bush Flower Essences are “completely safe, free from side effects and it is not possible to overdose. If an inappropriate essence is chosen it simply will not work”

Seamus practises in Dundalk and gives workshops around the country. Séamus Murphy contact details


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