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Wearing make-up can make other women jealous

Wearing make-up can make other women jealous

36275280 - beautiful woman applying cosmetic cream

Wearing make-up will make other women see you as “dominant” but men will see you as “prestigious”.

Women who wear make-up are perceived differently by men and by other women.

Other women can be jealous of a woman wearing cosmetics and perceive her as a threat, according to a psychology study at the University of Stirling.

They can see her as more promiscuous and more attractive to men.

“While both sexes agree that women with make-up look more attractive when it comes to “high status,” it really depends on who is looking”, says Dr Viktoria Mileva who carried out the research.

“Men think women with make-up are more ‘prestigious’, while women think women with make-up are more dominant.”

At a job interview, she adds, knowing whether the interview panel will consist of men or women might influence a woman candidate’s decision about how she makes up her face.

It will depend on whether she wants them to view her as attractive, dominant and/or prestigious.

“Understanding the potential implications of cosmetics use are important not only for the wearer, but also for the perceiver,” says Dr Mileva.

“We did some follow-up studies as to why women might feel that women with make-up are perceived as more dominant, and it looks like it might be related to jealousy and threat potential.

“Women rating women with make-up said they would be more jealous of them, thought they were more promiscuous, and would be more attractive to men than their non-make-up wearing counterparts.”

The study is published in the journal Perception.

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