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Rotting vegetables and Conscious Cooking

Rotting vegetables and Conscious Cooking

The smell from the jar of fermenting vegetables was like something from the bottom of the bin.

Cooking to me is a bore. I would rather clean large piles of rotting vegetables from the bottom of any bin.

I signed up to a “Conscious Cooking” course because I had heard it would teach me a lot about Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Joanne Faulkner surprised me. Not only did the bubbly Shiatsu practitioner make Chinese Medicine much clearer, her Kimchi (fermenting vegetables) recipe tasted divine.

I loved the beginning of the class where she talked about Yin and Yang, the connection between the lung and the large intestine and their link to the skin.

I hung onto every word as she described the emotions involved in these organs and even the pungent white foods that could help them.

I was carefully ignoring the array of carrots, radishes, ginger, garlic and Chinese leaves on the table in front of her as she talked.


But she sucked me in because she kept talking about the links to health as she chopped the vegetables.

Meanwhile she whizzed up a rapid pancake batter in the blender from just oats, eggs, buckwheat flower and water.

The pancakes tasted wonderful too.


The beneficial bacteria in fermented foods are particularly good for the large intestine. They help detoxify the gut and boost your immune system.

Fermented foods go through a process of lactofermentation which preserves the food and creates B vitamins, Omega 3, probiotics and good enzymes.

Fermentation also breaks the food down in a way which makes it easier to digest.

The probiotics  created during the process can improve bowel disease and digestion.

A small amount of fermented food taken each day is enough because it contains up to 100 times more pro-biotics than a supplement bought off the shelf.

Who could believe I would look forward to the next class next week.




Conscious Cooking – check out Joanne’s website:


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