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Renew and re-energise after Easter

Renew and re-energise after Easter

A retreat offering Yoga and Mediation, Pilates, Tai Chi and healthy cookery workshops is being organised at Coolattin Lodge in Co Wicklow.

Nutrition therapist Dee Daly , a Ballymaloe trained chef and Health and Wellness coach, will be joined by Yoga teacher Fiona Shannon and Fitness and Health manager Jane Edlund to facilitate the three day retreat to “renew and energise”.

Dee says the retreat  is suitable for all ages and fitness levels and they will “strive to create a light-hearted but effective atmosphere for growth.

Her nutrition, cookery and mindful eating sessions are aimed at demystifying nutrition to “give a healthy eating strategy with recipes that are practical and applicable in the real world”.

Using organic ingredients they ail focus on dishes that sustain energy and nurture both body and soul.

Fiona, who qualified with the Chopra Center in California and then the Windfire Center in France will hold yoga classes focusing on movement with sensitivity.  She is also a qualified Naturopathic Herbalist.

Jane Edlund is a Canadian who has been working in the fitness industry for 22 years  in Canada, the United States and Ireland.

She  teaches spin, stretching, golf condition and Body Balance – a combination of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates.

The retreat runs from April 5th – 7th and full contact details are listed for that date in our Calendar of Events.

click here: http://irishhealing.ie/healing/event/post-easter-energising-retreat-wicklow/

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