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Reach for a Remedy – easy homeopathy

Reach for a Remedy – easy homeopathy


Reach for a Remedy is a new book that makes it simple to use Homeopathy at home.

Choose the best possible remedy to  find relief for minor health conditions.

From coughs and colds to toothaches or tummy bugs, this book can be used by busy mums with babies and young children, by teens, adults and right through to older age.

You do not have to have any previous knowledge of Homeopathy to use the book. It will quickly point you to the best match between your individual symptoms and the remedy you need.

The book, by homeopaths Clodagh Sheehy and Svetlana Pavlova Heywood Jones,  also features a rapid first aid section when you need an immediate remedy for a minor emergency.

Clodagh Sheehy is also the editor of the irishhealing.ie website.


Where to get the book:


Kenny’s.ie (with free worldwide postage)…….https://bit.ly/2W7tGfW




Read and excerpt from the book



Ann O’Loughlin – best selling author of  “The Ballroom Café”, “The Judge’s Wife”,  “The Ludlow Ladies’ Society”, and “My Mother’s Daughter”.

“Reach for this easy to read informative guide for all your homeopathic needs.

  • This book is a must on every family shelf beside the first aid kit.

From a simple bee sting to the complexities of grief, this easy to use guide is ideal for those starting off using remedies as well as those who already have a well stocked cupboard.    An invaluable aid to  maintaining family health.



Rochelle Marsden – Hpathy.com – a member of the Hpathy team, a registered classical homeopath (Society of Homeopaths), and has run Southport Homeopathic Practice in the UK SINCE 1999.

“What a substantial book it is for the money.  the ‘Rapid First Aid Guide’ section is exactly what it says. It is the place to go for common ailments such as acute ‘Allergies’, ‘Anxiety’, ‘Food Poisoning’ etc.

  • The book is more comprehensive than I would have expected. To be quite honest I can’t think of anything that has been missed out. Itis the best book of its type I have come across.

 I would be more than happy to buy it for a present for any family.  This copy I was sent to review is going to my daughter in law. I hope that the number of times she is forced to contact me from Singapore wanting to know what to give my granddaughters, from the kit I have given her, will lessen!!


Nikki Fitzpatrick creator of Myzenpod.com –  tailor made courses on Wellness, Mindfulness and Relaxation.  Nikki has worked in the area of Integrated Health Care for the past 25 years. She is an Occupational Therapist, Relaxation specialist, Homeopath and Mindful meditation teacher based in Ireland.

“Reach for a Remedy is a resource for our time, with fresh, clear, concise content.

  • This book is a wellspring of knowledge, providing confidence and clarity to anyone wanting to dive into the wonderful, healing qualities of Homeopathy.

It is for those just starting their journey in Homeopathy but can also be used as a  quick reference for homeopathic students and practitioners alike.I love its simple pragmatic guidelines, which allow the prescriber to bypass over-thinking and reach for a remedy quickly and efficiently.

This is the way forward with healthcare – an integrated balanced approach giving people confidence to use remedies at home but also decide when professional homeopathic care or medical attention is necessary.”

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