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Public herbal garden opens in Raheny Dublin

Public herbal garden opens in Raheny Dublin

St Anne's Physic garden

St Anne’s Physic garden

A new Physic public herbal garden will be officially opened in St Anne’s Park in Raheny on Dublin’s northside 0n May 23rd this year.

The grand opening also marks the start of National Herb Week 2015 from May 23rd-29th which will feature events all around the country promoting the use of herbal medicine.

See:  http://nationalherbweek.ie


The Physic garden showcases medicinal Irish herbs and its layout is based on a sunken Italian garden design that was originally in place in the Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin inn Dublin.

The garden is the result of a collaboration between the Irish Register of Herbalists (IRH) and Dublin City Council Parks Department.

The construction began in 2012 and it is now ready to open to the public. On the day of the official opening herbalists from the IRH will be on site to answer public questions about the herbs in the garden and herbal medicine in general.

Guided tours of the garden will be held throughout the day as part of the official opening

A demonstration on how to build a simple herb garden will also be part of the event.

In the future the garden will be used to host information days by the IRH on growing native Irish herbs to use in simple home remedies and a household applications.

The garden will also contain endangered species of native Irish herbs.

It has been constructed with local and reclaimed materials including material from the original house on the St Anne’s estate.

See more about the garden: http://nationalherbweek.ie/st-annes-physic-garden/

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