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The multiple uses of Arnica

The multiple uses of Arnica

Mountain goats know the value of Arnica. You should too.

The goats chew the flower when they fall on rocky slopes. They know how Arnica will help their bruises.

If you have no other homeopathic remedy in your home, at least have Arnica 30c.

It stops swelling, bruising and inflammation in is the first choice for any kind of physical injury or trauma.

You can even give it while you decide what to do next.

This wonderful flower has many other uses from jetlag to the soreness after a tooth extraction.


Sore bruised beaten

Arnica is helpful for any situation where you feel sore, bruised and beaten, even emotional situations where this is your reaction.   It helps where someone is “stunned” by a fright.

Even if they have broken a bone, give Arnica for the shock, while you decide on the next course of action.

It is the top remedy for any kind of bruising and can be used for all kinds of physical injury.


Multiple uses

Arnica is useful to stop bleeding after a tooth extraction.

It eases muscles after overexertion.

For jetlag take it before, during and after a long flight.

New mothers can take it right after delivery to help with the bruising.


Typical Arnica state

A person in a typical Arnica state is someone who has just been injured but insists they are perfectly OK and say they want to be left alone.

They don’t want to be touched and can get angry if asked a question.


Cream and tincture

Arnica cream can be used on minor bruises but never use it on broken skin as it will irritate.

Arnica herbal tincture can be rubbed into sore muscles after a hard sports session.

*For serious injury of any kind consult your doctor or healthcare practitioner.

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