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Hayfever remedies for the high pollen season

Hayfever remedies for the high pollen season

High pollen counts cause a lot of misery for hayfever sufferers at this time of year.

Homeopathy can help. If you suffer from hayfever every high pollen season you might consider going for professional homeopathic treatment during the winter to build up your immune system before the season begins.

You can also treat acute hayfever right now.


Match your individual symptoms to those of the remedy.


Allium Cepa

If your eyes are stinging, watery, itchy and sore and you want to rub them, try Allium cepa.

This remedy is made from an onion. Your nose will have a burning discharge which makes it sore and makes your upper lip sore and you may also keep sneezing.



If you find yourself blinking all the time and can’t bear the light, think of Euphrasia. With this remedy the water from your eyes stings but the discharge from your nose (unlike Allium cepa above) is bland. Your nose runs during the day and then blocks up at night. You might also have a loose cough.



This is where your have an itchy throat and the inside of your nose is itchy from the hayfever. You are very sensitive to smells and can’t bear the smell of flowers. Your eyes fell pushed inwards and your breathing could become wheezy.


Mixed pollens

This is a homeopathic remedy sold in some health food shops or from homeopathic remedy suppliers which can also be very effective



In an acute situation take the remedy in 30c strength once an hour for up to six doses until the symptoms ease.

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