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Get Irish MEPs to support EU meeting on alternative medicine

Get Irish MEPs to support EU meeting on alternative medicine

Get you local MEPs to support Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Europe by asking them to attend a meeting of the European Parliament Interest Group on CAM next week (Oct 11th)

The meeting,  which will discuss the need for research into health promotion and CAM is being held on October 11th from 2.30pm-4pm in the European Parliament Room 8F388.

Its aim is to persuade the EU Commission to provide greater possibilities for CAM research in the next EU Research Policy Framework FP 8, which now has the title EU Research 2020.

The Commission is currently developing the framework policy which will extend from 2014-2020.

A good attendance at the meeting will enhance the discussion on the contribution that CAM can make to public health programmes.

You Can Help

To encourage as many policy makers as possible to join the dialogue YOUcan help by emailing Irish MEPs and urging them to attend. (see email list below)

Prof Harald Walach one of the most experienced European researchers in this field will present evidence for the contribution CAM can make in public health systems.

He will also talk about what future research is needed to bring that contribution into effective partnership in European health programmes.

The organizers say the meeting will “offer the opportunity for policy makers and stakeholders to enter into an active dialogue.”

It will help the European Parliament special group to make informed decisions about “a subject highly relevant for the health of all EU citizens”.

The group includes Irish MEP Marian Harkin and five others. – Sirpa Pietikäinen, Elena Oana Antonescu, Thomas Ulmer, LLiisa Jaakonsaari and Chiles Chichester.

It  points out that to date health research has mostly focused on studying diseases and the effect of various therapeutic interventions.

Now similar progress needs to be made urgently in the area of health maintenance and improvement and disease prevention.

The group stresses that CAM is primarily aimed at maintaining and restoring the persons’ own natural systems for maintaining health and fighting disease.

Given its widespread use among European citizens “research into its innovative contribution to EU health programmes should have a high priority”.

Here is an email list  of Irish MEPs:

gay.mitchell@europarl.europa.eu; paul.murphy@europarl.europa.eu; mairead.mcguinness@europarl.europa.eu; nessa.childers@europarl.europa.eu; liam.aylward@europarl.europa.eu; patthecope.gallagher@europarl.europa.eu; marian.harkin@europarl.europa.eu; jim.higgins@europarl.europa.eu; brian.crowley@europarl.europa.eu; briancrowleymep@eircom.net; sean.kelly@europarl.europa.eu; phil.prendergast@europarl.europa.eu


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