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Aromaptherapy helps potato storage

Aromaptherapy helps potato storage

Oils used in aromatherapy have been found to stop potatoes rotting while in storage.

Mint, caraway, coriander, eucalyptus and clove oils  have proved to be particularly effective.

One of the critical moments in the final quality of the potato occurs during storage.

Bacteria and fungi can interfere to make the potato sprout or rot.

An agricultural engineer wanted to find a replacement for the current chemical products used as sprout suppressant on stored potatoes.

He studied the effect of using essential oils and compared the results.

David Gomez Castillo found “a high antgerminant capacity with treatment using the essential oil of coriander for industrial crops and the essential oil of mint for both industrial and table crops”.

He concluded the oils made a good alternative to the chemicals for the storage of potatoes.

Eucalyptus oil also showed a high antigermant capacity with the potatoes and was made even more effective when used in conjuction with clove oil.

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