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Just one drop – the story of Homeopathy – Dublin screening

Just one drop – the story of Homeopathy – Dublin screening

Are you curious about how Homeopathy works?

The film “Just One Drop” tells the story of homeopathy, how it was developed, how it works.  It dispels myths and misconceptions of the more than two century old medicine.

A special screening of this film is being hosted by The Irish Society of Homeopaths  in Dublin on June 13th next.

In the film you will meet the Korns whose son Lucas was diagnosed with autism and what homeopathy offered to help.

Alex Tournier is a physicist who contracted an illness that could not be helped by conventional medicine and who turned to homeopathy.  He ultimately founded the Homeopathy Research Institute.

In England Queen Elizabeth, who recently celebrated her 92nd birthday, credits homeopathy with keeping her healthy.

A voice

Laurel Chiten directed the film to “give homeopathy a voice”.  She says she wants it to “open up a dialogue, get people talking to each other, asking questions and sharing information.

“My ultimate dream is to have homeopathy available as a health care option for everyone and be integrated into healthcare systems around the world.”

To encourage discussion Just One Drop is only shown in community screenings.

The Irish Society of Homeopaths screening is being held in The Light House Cinema in Market Square, Smithfield, Dubling 7.

To see a trailer click on: https://fan-force.com/films/justonedrop/

Tickets cost €14 pl;us €1.50 booking fee.

They can be bought through:https://fan-force.com/screenings/just-one-drop-lighthouse-cinema-dublin-ie/

You can also access information through the Irish Society of Homeopaths website:

Just One Drop – film screening


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