Power naps bust stress and boost the immune system

19063109_sPower naps are stress busters and help the immune system, particularly for poor night sleepers.

Insufficient sleep leads to health problems like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and depression and can also contribute to road and industrial accidents. Continue reading

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Hospital hand washing causing skin irritation

Washing handsHandwashing by healthcare workers to reduce infection  is leading to an increase in dermatitis among these workers.

The incidence of the skin condition is 4.5times greater among healthcare staff .

The use of soap and alcohol hand rubs has been hugely successful in reducing infections like MRSA. Continue reading

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Stressed women find it tougher to recover from heart attacks

heart attack

heart attack

Young and middle-aged women are becoming more stressed than men because of their roles in family life and work.

The increasing stress burden could make it harder for them to recover from a heart attack, according to Yale School of Medicine researchers

“Women tend to report greater stress and more stressful life events than men, potentially because of their different roles in family life and work, as compared to men,” said Xiao Xu, assistant professor in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences at Yale School of Medicine. Continue reading

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Celebrities have less influence when it comes to dieting

Celebrities have less influence than friends where people want to try a new diet or exercise programme.

A friend who is using a successful wellness programme is more likely to get other friends to sign up too.

“People want to see that positive influence” says Lora Cavuoto, an occupation health researcher at the University of Buffalo.

The research spread the word about successful programmes through social networks.

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Good news for over-weight wine drinkers

copyright anthonycz

copyright anthonycz

Despite the price hikes on a bottle of wine planned by Government, the good news is that drinking wine in moderation could help overweight people burn fat better.

Dark coloured grapes, whether used in grape juice or wine, are being shown to help people with obesity and related disorders like fatty liver. Continue reading

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