Immune system could hold key to weight loss

weighing scalesEating less to lose weight does not work for everyone. Now a team including Irish scientists  have discovered your immune system plays a major role in regulating body weight.

It could be responsible for as much as 40pc of your body’s ability to regulate weight.

The team of researchers who made this ground breaking discovery includes Prof Donal O’ Shea, consultant endocrinologist at St Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin and Dr Lydia Lynch, associate professor at Trinity College Dublin. Continue reading

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iPads as effective as sedatives before child surgery

iPadDistracting children with iPads before surgery lowers their anxiety as much as conventional sedatives.

Even the children’s parents were happy with the results of using the iPads.

New research presented to the World Congress of Anaesthesiologists shows the the interactive computer pads reduced separation anxiety for the children who had to leave their parents to go into the operating theatre.

The scientists compared the results with the iPads to the effects of midazolam – a sedative regularly used before anaesthesia.

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Danger lurking in the swimming pool

Swimming poolBefore you jump into the enticing waters of the swimming pool you might want to consider the consequences.

Disinfectant used to clear the water has been found to form by-products in the pool which corrode stainless steel fittings.

Scientists are now concerned about the effect of these products on human skin. Continue reading

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Sports head injuries can last years

Football Copyright : Nittaya Mungma

Football Copyright : Nittaya Mungma

Sports head injuries can cause damage which lasts for months or even years.

Footballers also get more head injuries from collisions with another player than from hitting the ground, a goalpost or some other object. Continue reading

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Wearing make-up can make other women jealous

36275280 - beautiful woman applying cosmetic cream

Wearing make-up will make other women see you as “dominant” but men will see you as “prestigious”.

Women who wear make-up are perceived differently by men and by other women. Continue reading

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