Use muscles or lose them



Just two weeks of not using your legs causes young people to lose a third of their muscle strength, leaving them on a par with someone up to 50 years older.

Both older and younger people lose muscular strength through inactivity but young people lose it faster.

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen have found that the loss in young people is about one third after two weeks while in older people it is about a quarter. Continue reading

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Magnolia tree compound in cancer treatment

Magnolia Copyright : cukmen (Follow)

Copyright : cukmen (Follow)

The fragrant Magnolia tree may hold a key to treating head and neck cancers.

An active component from the tree has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine to treat anxiety and other conditions. Continue reading

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HerbFeast 2015 takes place in Co Carlow

36450926_sForaging for herbs, exploring the language of plants and practical demonstrations of their use are all part of this year’s 4th annual HerbFeast.

Forgotten European Herbs, Icelandic  Herbal Medicine and Appalachian Root Medicine will be discussed by speakers.

Participants will also go on herb walks,  attend an Ayurvedic cookery class and a practical workshop to make herbal preparations. Continue reading

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Leaky pipes allow bugs into water system

tap water

tap water

Just when you thought the Water saga couldn’t get any worse, it emerges that leaky pipes – of which we have many – allow contaminants to enter the water system.

Viruses and bacteria from faeces are among the contaminants which can be “sucked into” the water system. Continue reading

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Moderate drinking is good for the heart

Copyright : Anna Yakimova

Copyright : Anna Yakimova

Not all alcohol is bad, drinking in moderation can have heart benefits.

Up to seven drinks a week in early to middle age has been associated with a 20pc cut in the risk for men developing heart failure and a 16pc reduction for women. Continue reading

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