Walk barefoot for “foot core” health

1050158_sIt may be winter but taking your shoes and socks off is good for your feet.

Walking barefoot around the house can improve balance and posture and help prevent common injuries like shin splints, plantar fasciitis, stress fractures and tendonitis. Continue reading

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Men eat more to impress women

pizzaMen like to impress – even when they’re eating.

Men will eat significantly more food in the company of women than they will with other men.

At an all-you-eat Italian buffet studied over two weeks, men ate 93pc more pizza and 86pc more salad when they dined with a woman than when they dined with other men. Continue reading

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Redesign your life from the inside out

Kim Bellisimo

Kim Bellisimo

If transforming your life through a “heart-based” method sounds appealing,  you might like to hear about the approach of Life Transitions Counsellor Kim Bellisimo.

California based Kim, who has developed the EnergyWorks practice will be in Dublin on November 28th next to give a workshop. Continue reading

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Don’t be afraid to lick your wounds

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Dogs know exactly what they are doing when they lick their wounds.

Scientists have found licking a wound makes it heal faster.  The mucous in saliva stimulates white blood cells to build up a good defence against invading infection. Continue reading

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Tai Chi helpful for knee osteoarthritis

Tai Chi exercise

Tai Chi exercise

Tai Chi has been hailed as a viable alternative treatment for people suffering with knee osteoarthritis.

The American College of Rheumatology annual meeting in San Francisco shows that Tai chi can have  physical benefits. Continue reading

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