“Healthy” labels put people off food

healthy eatingSugary snacks become much more attractive when people are told they are bad for them.

Equally food with a “healthy food ” label drives people away.

Perversely a “healthy heart” symbol on the food makes it more attractive. Continue reading

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New sunscreen allows vitamin D production

sunbathingSunscreens protect you from burning but also stop the production of essential vitamin D.

For the first time researchers have developed a sunscreen that keeps its sun protection factor (SPF) but still allows the body to produce vitamin D. Continue reading

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Breastfeeding could save 820,000 lives and €275bn a year




Improving the rate of breastfeeding worldwide could prevent about 820,000 child deaths and also save more than €275billion a year in health costs.

The financial figure is comparable to the entire global pharmaceutical market. Continue reading

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Wounds benefit from seaweed bandages



Seaweed gel is a low cost way of creating bandages that help wounds to heal.

The team at  Newcastle University have found a way to preserve stem cells in the seaweed gel to make bandages which can be applied to wounds like an ulcer or burn to speed up the healing process. Continue reading

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Always look on the bright side of ageing

older personA negative attitude to growing old can make the whole process worse.

Those with such an attitude become frail before their time, working slower and showing a decline in cognitive abilities. Continue reading

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