Art therapy for stress relief.

A workshop dealing with stress relief through the use of art therapy is being held at the Centre for Creative Practices in Pembroke Street in Dublin next Thursday (November 6th).

The aim of the workshop is to provide participants with art based techniques for reducing stress such as mandala making and mindfulness techniques through art.

It  is designed for anyone who has an interest in Art Therapy and the use of creative art for emotional expression.

The aim is to inspire creativity, personal development and community inclusion.

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Danish visionary workshop – Dublin

LarsMuhl2Danish visionary, mystic and musician, Lars Muhl  is holding a workshop in Dublin tomorrow (November 1st 2014)

For many years Lars Muhl was a successful singer-songwriter who, as well as making music, also studied esoteric knowledge and the world’s religions. Continue reading

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Night shift diet can affect liver rhythms

body clockNight shift workers might are being advised to avoid foods high in iron which may disrupt the working of their livers.

Those on night shifts have higher rates of type 2 diabetes, obesity and cancer because of the disruptions to their body’s circadian clock.

The circadian clock in the brain, regulates sleep and eating but other body tissues also have circadian clocks. Continue reading

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Jet lag contributes to obesity

airplaneJet lag can contribute to obesity by disturbing the body’s daily rhythm.

Like shift work, jet lag interferes with the body’s biological clock or circadian rhythms through the day-night cycle.

This in turn affects the composition of the body’s microbial community leading to obesity and metabolic problems. Continue reading

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Post surgery pain helped by Jazz and silence



Silence and jazz are both golden when it comes to helping patients recovering from surgery.

Patients undergoing elective hysterectomies who listened to jazz music during their recovery experienced significantly lower heart rates. Continue reading

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